Tuesday 18 July 2017

#MSCTri Gravenhurst Triathlon
July 15, 2017
Race Report - Ryan Dockman
Year over Year - From 31 minutes down to 22 Minutes Off the Lead

     What a day! If you haven't raced Gravenhurst, or you're thinking about your first triathlon, you have to consider this race. Check out the pictures and you'll see that local Steamships escort racers out to the middle the lake,  you jump in, and 5 minutes later the Steamship horn blows and you're off.

     Like no other that I've raced locally, camaraderie and excitement builds as everyone boards the ships and you cruise into the bay. You get to meet people, talk about the season and racing you've been doing, enjoy the view, and you some time have time for last minute prep/hydration.
     2 Ships take racers out and I think the experience is great if you're on either one. Our ships race wave was first so we had a full ship cheering us on. I'm sure it was fun for everyone watching all the pro's and age groupers take off down the course.  Definitely an experience, I enjoy any day I'm out racing but this race gives you that extra experience to enjoy.

     Both the bike and the run were out and backs which I've come to enjoy. It really gives you a good feel of how you are doing against the field and the top racers. I had a good race, however I must congratulate the winners. I'm in awe at the pace some of the pro's and top athletes can push. That doesn't mean I just got to watch them, I had to chase. It really gives you motivation to push harder, and a lot of perspective on the performance and speed needed to compete with the best.

     I ended up 3rd AG and happy that I was able to close a 9 minute gap on the winner. Last year I was 5th AG 35-39, 31 Minutes off the winner (Jackson Laundry) and 13 minutes off Matt Wood my AG Winner.  On Saturday I was 17th Overall, 22 minutes off the leader, and 10 Minutes off my AG Winner.

     Top competitors in Triathlon are always going to be very fast and challenging (almost impossible) to beat, but I feel like I'm winning every race I can get a little closer to their level.

     A big thank you to the volunteers, #MSCTri, John Salt, and the whole Multisport team for having as an  Ambassador team member. It gives me drive, inspiration , fills me with motivation and challenges my abilities.  

     Gravenhurst was a great experience and again didn't disappoint. Not to mention we were up in Muskoka, and we got particularly lucky with amazing weather! 

Also thanks again to #BladeCarbonWheels for the 808's they are a fast improvement and to @KapokNaturals for support.

Rob #BladeCarbonWheels

Ryan Dockman Toronto, Ontario

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