Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Bracebridge 2016 - @Multipsortcan Olympic Triathlon

2016 - Post Race Report - Ryan Dockman
#MSCBracebridge @MultisportCan 
Aug 7th, 2016

Earlier this year, on June 12th, I raced the Victoria Ironman 70.3. I put a considerable amount of time training throughout the off season to compete well at this early season race. By the time summer rolled around in Toronto, and the Multisport Series began, I felt able to push myself to faster speeds and faster  times. This year I came to Race!

Sunday was the day. The day that I would return to Bracebridge, where I first raced a Triathlon in 2015, and see what progress I had made. To see how competitive I could be after one full year of Training.

Overall Results:
  • Time: 2:23 - 24 min faster than 2015!!!!
  • 13th Overall - Up from 93 one year ago!!!
  • 3rd 35-39 AG - Huge accomplishment!!!!  
At most races you'll see different athletes and different faces on the podium, because those are the guys who were there, who showed up that day. But one thing that remains the same about the athletes who medal: they all have the same skill level. The top racers are fast, talented, dedicated, they come to race and they perform. On this Multipsport Bracebridge Sunday in 2016, I was able to represent all these qualities and was rewarded with 3rd place medal!

Multisport Ambassador Team 
On the drive home, I wrapped my medal around my rearview mirror and drove back to the city. I had placed in a Triathlon and felt really really good about it!

Thanks, to Multisport for hosting such great events and having me be part of the Ambassador team this year. I'm inspired more and more everyday!

Time Trial Swim: 28 Min - Disappointing

For anyone who's raced Bracebridge, you know you start every 5 seconds according to age and bib number. The race winds up and down a Muskoka river and finishes with a straight into a beach right near transition. On race day I was racer 87 and although I still had some race day jitters I felt I could swim fast - unfortunately I was wrong.

I've had some difficulty sighting in races this year so I decided I'd use some clear goggles to improve visibility, however I had forgotten the sunrise peaks just over the water as you  swim the BACK leg. I couldn't see anything and was all over the place again! I swam back and forth from the middle of the river to the shore and eventually made it back to transition in 28 minutes. A little longer than I had hoped but I felt I could still medal.

The Bike: 106 Min - Speed Avg 37 - HUGELY Successful!!!! - My fastest bike
Just recently I purchased some barely worn Bont Vaypor's to try and gain a some more power out on the bike. Until July I had been cycling with Mountain shoes on my P3. These were shoes that were given to me and in the interest of racing on a budget, I had convinced myself that because the soles were good to run with I wasn't losing much time.

So even though the shoes buckle system would slow me in transition I gave them a go. It did take some time to get them on time but I was off!

Multisport  has amazing bike courses,  and Bracebridge doesn't disappoint. I live in Etobicoke, Toronto and find it very difficult to get into good riding everyday - and if I could I would ride this race course every day. I pushed hard and had a great ride!!!! My fastest on race day ever!!!

The Run: 44 min - Solid performance
My run is an area I've worked really hard on. Last year in this same race, I didn't stop and pushed through right to the finish, and ran the 10km in 54 minutes. I was ecstatic!

In the one year since the last race I was able to cut 10 minutes off my time and felt I left some effort out on the course. Although this was arguably my fastest race day run, my watch for whatever reason had changed from Kph to Mph and I wasn't able to figure out how to pace myself to my 4:10 KM per minute goal. I pushed myself hard though, felt good and came through strong at the finish!

Ryan Dockman Toronto, Ontario