Friday, 6 July 2018

Welland Long Course June 23, 2018 by Ryan Dockman Toronto

Race Report: Ryan Dockman Toronto

Welland Long Course – Multiport Canada Series - June 23rd, 2018

I’ve never raced in the rain, and thankfully we didn’t have to this past weekend - even through I think I prayed for it once or twice during the run;) Last weekend I raced the Long Course in Multisport Canada’s Season Opening Race. The rain held off all morning and it turned out to be perfect conditions for the Ontario Championships!

This was my 3rd consecutive year tackling the 2KM Swim, 56KM Bike & 15KM Run. They offer a Sprint (750m, 20km, 5km) distance but I like to test my fitness early season so I know which sport needs the most attention. It was a great race, flat water, mild temperatures, slight wind and some of Ontario’s best racers in a competitive field! 

I knew it was going to be a challenge as I was hit by a car last year and had to have ACL Reconstructive Surgery in September (less than 10 months ago). Even though I think I’m Superman, coming back from Surgery takes time. My Doctor’s tell me I need to have patience, but at 36 it’s taken a little longer than I had hoped. Still I stayed focused on recovery in the off season and I was ready to see how I could do.

Hat’s off to Multisport Canada for hosting another hiccup free and fantastic event. The course is flat so it’s perfect for beginners and pro’s, and venue has a grandstand that sits right in front of the swim & run course - perfect for spectators!
The 2km Swim to start the season always test the nerves a bit but I managed to hang in there. Coming out of the Welland Swim is a great feeling, again you pop out of the water right in front of cheering crowd and you can feel the encouragement as you hustle over to transition. My swimming isn’t at par with some of the elite athletes but at 37 Minutes I was happy and ready to take on the bike course.

Being a flat course I knew I could push myself and try to keep up with the top racers. I tried but failed -haha. Some of the racers are so powerful that it’s impossible to think you can keep up with them on 3-4 months training/recovery. I did manage to clock in a 37.5KM average rocking my @BladeCarbonWheels which is nothing to sneeze at. 

For those who haven’t raced Welland the bike course was perfect again this year. Flat (great for beginners) with just a few turns, very safe with police &/or officials at every turn or crossing and the aid station at KM 32 gives you that extra boost as you prepare for the run.
I was most concerned about how my knee would hold up for the 15KM run. I’ve been running longer distances recently but I’ve held back on and Brick (bike/run) training. Fortunately, it held up pretty well and I was able to average a 4:30 pace. Unfortunately, this year Welland had all of Ontario’s best with some runners running 3:30 paces so I still have some work to do:)

Multisport made a few changes to the run course this year. Instead of 3 - 5km loops you have to run 2 7.5 km loops which I definitely prefer. I always dreaded the 3rd loop when starting my second lap, remembering thinking to myself: “You mean I have to do this 2 mores times!”. 2 laps are perfect for me and it loops right past the grandstand at 4 times before the finish.

Sadly, John Salt an Icon of Triathlon Ontario Racing announced he’ll be retiring from Multisport at the end of the Season.  He founded Multisport Canada and built it into an inspiring circuit for beginners and elites.  Being offered an opportunity by John to join the Multisport Ambassador team has motivated and inspired me to not only be a good athlete but to show great sportsmanship! Thank you John for creating a great series, the great years on the circuit and we all look forward to seeing you at more events this year!

Next stop Gravenhurst!